Anagach Woods

AnagachWoodsMapOSSmall2The Anagach Woods cover nearly 1000 acres and the main entrance is just 5 minutes walk from our apartment

In the woods you will find a variety on wild plant and bird life

There are 4 main trails around the woods

Purple Trail is an all ablities trail suitable for everyone

Green Trail - 1-1/4 Miles (2Km) is a gentle walk on well made paths with some minor gradients.

Blue Trail - 2 Miles (3.2Km) is a pleasant walk around Anagach Moss and with well made paths with some minor gradients.

Red Trail - 5-1/2 Miles (8.8Km) is a longer walk giving you the chance to explore the heart of the wood. The route is mostly on paths and tracks with some minor gradients.


CromdaleWalkTrailThere is also a longer walk which initially follows the red route then branches off toward the bridge at Cromdale. From here you turn back and return along the bank of the River spey.

This route is 7-1/4 miles (11.5Km) long on well made paths with some minor gradients.


Beachen Woods and Dreggie Hills

DreggieMapOn the opposite side of Grantown you can also explore Beachen Woods and further a field up to Dreggie.

Beachen Woods has 4 main routes

Viewpoint Red Trail - 3Miles (4.8Km) - 1-1/2 to 2 hours

Beachen Blue Trail - 1 Mile (1.6Km) - 30 Minutes

Beachen Green Trail - 2 Miles (3.2Km) - 1-1/2 Hours

Beachen Orange Trail - 3 Miles (4.8Km) - 2 Hours

All the routs start beside the caravan site which is in the road opposite the apartment, which is beside the bus stop symbol on the map.