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The River Spey is one of the most famous rivers in Scotland renowned for its Salmon and Trout fishing

Passes are available for the association waters and these cover 6-1/2 miles of double bank on the River Spey and 12 miles of double bank on the River Dulnain

On the River Spey itself the are 32 pools from Broomhill Bridge down to the Upper Castle Grant Beat.

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River Spey

Broomhill Bridge

1. Nethy Pool

Nethy Pool extends from Broomhill Bridge to the bend above Dulnain Mouth. The upper part is of interest to fly fishers while the lower reaches are slow and suited to the spinner or bait fisher.


Dulnain Mouth

2. Dulnain Mouth

Dulnain Mouth is of interest to worm, spinner and fly fishers. For worm and spinner the best fishing is off the right bank which can be accessed either from Boat of Balliefurth Farm or by parking at Broomhill Bridge and walking down.


Balliefurth Pool

3. Balliefurth Pool

Balliefurth fishes off both banks and is worth a visit when you have gone to the trouble of yomping down to Dulnain Mouth. The left bank is an easy wade but watch out for the soft sand. The flow through the pool is a bit on the slow side.


Poll an Eilean

4. Poll an Eilean

A stroll down from Balliefurth brings you to Poll an Eilean. Not fly water but some good trout, spinning and bait fishing for salmon and sea trout.


Poll Caich

5. Poll Caich Pool

This deep pool is of interest to the spinner or bait fisher, productive and well worth a visit.


Saddle Pool

6. Saddle Pool

Good fly water, fishes both banks with careful wading taking you down through the Hernack. In high water this pool fishes well to the spinner or worm.


Bushes Pool

7. Bushes Pool

Bushes Pool lies opposite the Auchernack Burn Mouth on the left bank. Bushes is the inside of the bend, with fish lying from mid stream towards the right bank and hold fish into the glide as it merges with Little Stream. In high water fish lie close into the bank.



8. Auchernack

Auchernack Burn mouth is on the right bank opposite the Bushes. A good holding spot, fish right through from the burn mouth down into Little Stream. Fish can lie quite close in here so do not be too hasty with your cast, leave the fly on the dangle for a bit.


Little Stream

9. Little Stream

Little Stream is best fished from the right hand bank, although in lower water you can wade down the left bank far enough from the trees to be able to Spey Cast. Start in the glide below Auchernack Burn and give that V a good bit of attention, then wade with care down to the bend.


Upper Bend

10. Upper Bend

Fish right through to the Tarric, an easy wade. Avoid wading too far out, a common mistake that will put you among the fish.


Lower Bend

11. Lower Bend

Fishing down from Upper Bend you pass into Lower Bend. Best fished of the right hand bank this is a pleasant wade throughout with fish in lies to the middle and right bank. Do not miss the V into Tarric.


Tarric Mor

12. Tarric Mor

Watch out for the power lines on the way down from the parking at Gaich

What a pool, productive, classic fly fishing in the upper and middle reaches. Take care, Tarric has it perils but it is worth it. Fly only at summer level.


Craggan Sands

13. Craggan Sands

Craggan Sands is a long deep pool stretching from the island at the tail of Tarric Mor to the bend just past Glen Begg Burn at pool 14. Craggan produces numbers of salmon and sea trout each year to the worm and spinner especially in the water just below the island. A popular spot during a spate.


Poll Scriordan

14. Poll Scriordan

The first of the Inverallan Pools, Pol Scriordan fishes best off the left bank where you can wade with care casting towards the right bank into the deep water.


Poll A Clachan

Poll A Clachan

15. Poll a Clachan is best fished from the cemetery side. Walk up from the car park and you will see the marker pole. Fish lie from the middle to the far bank of this pool which is especially good towards the tail. Wading is good with a sandy rocky bottom at present, but watch out for unexpected under water obstruction.


Poll Clach

16. Poll Clach

Fish through the V working the fly through the dozens of potential lies here. You will know how good this pool is when you see it, it oozes potential. Work hard all the way down to the midstream rock. Fish lie along the crease between fast and slow water passing the massive boulder on the right hand bank.


Poll Clachan Lios

17. Poll Clachan Lios

Continuing from the mid stream rock you remain in fishy territory. Fish tend to be towards the middle over to the left bank. Look for the submerged rocks, they indicate good lies.


Finnock Pool

18. Finnock Pool

Watch out for the power lines.

Fished from the left hand bank the Finnock Pool represents good fishing although it is not for wading in most conditions.


MacLeod´s Pool

19. MacLeod´s Pool

Watch out for the power lines.

MacLeods is the the right hand bank fishing opposite the Finnock Pool. A top notch bit of water producing fish all year.


Poll A Cearan

20. Poll A Cearan

The second pool up from the New Bridge, Poll a Cearan, is best fished from the right bank i.e., on the inside of the bend. Wading can be a bit rough so take care. Fish lie from mid stream into the left bank.



21. Polnagour

The last pool on the upper fishing best fished from the right hand bank. Boulder strewn and a difficult wade Polnagour produces fish to the spinner.


Upper Castle Grant Beat

Slop Aindrea

22. Slop aindrea

Looking for running fish then Slop Aindrea is prime water. Very difficult wading, you will need to fish of the bank on the left side though on the right bank you can wade with care in lower water.


Clach Na Strone

23. Clach Na Strone

Running fish rest up here in this fast flowing pool which can be fished off either bank. There is a handy casting platform on the left bank which allows you to cover the favoured lies.


Clach an Uaran

24. Clach an Uaran

Fishes both banks although summer weed makes the left bank all but impossible. Most favour wading out from the right bank to work their way down through pools 24, 25, 26.

Challenging wading conditions, take care, especially when night fishing.


Boinne Uaine

25. Boinne Uaine

See Pool 24.


Big Stream

26. Big Stream

This is rough and rugged wading fished from either bank, although the right bank is often favoured just as good as the left bank is. You can see quite a few rock in the river, all places worth a cast for a resting fish. Big Stream is sea trout water and hooking into a sea trout or a salmon in this run is challenging to say the least - have plenty of backing!


Bridge Pool

27. Bridge Pool

The Bridge Pool, where Big Stream belts into a deep pot below the Old Redcoat Bridge, holds a lot of fish throughout the season. Focus on the broken water where there is always a chance of a fish getting ready to run Big Stream. Under the Bridge there is a back eddy which makes the fly fish poorly.


Poll na Creice

28. Poll na Creice

This fast water between the tail of the Bridge Pool and the Lurg is classy water. Wade out from the marker below the concrete pier, you will find the river bed rises towards the middle allowing you to wade right down midstream to the Lurg.


Lurg Pool

29. Lurg Pool

A touch of real class the Lurg is possibly the best pool on the Association water. Fishes both sides wading the left side and and on the right there is a handy casting platform. Fish lie throughout the Lurg.


Bun A Bhord

30. Bun A Bhord

Watch out for the power lines.

The fishing water is the run towards the right bank and a jolly good spot it is for running salmon and sea trout. Like Big Stream, landing a fish out in Bun a Bhord is bad for the blood pressure.


Long Pool

31. Long Pool

Fishes well from both banks although the right bank can be especially productive during spate conditions when fish run past your feet!.


Slop Thomas

32. Slop Thomas

The last pool on the Association water this fast flowing pool can be very productive for running fish. Wade with great care.


River Dulnain

River Dulnain

The River Dulnain has 12 miles of double bank from Inverlaidnan Bridge do to pool 2 (Dulnain Mouth) on the River Spey.

There are 28 main pools listed below

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1. Fly Pool

2. Railway Pool

3. Clay Bank

4. Lochlaith

5. Bridge Pool

6. Fish Pool

7. The Falls

8. The Bulwarks

9. The Boulders

10. Long Pool

11. John´s Pool

12. Castle Benis

13. The Laundry

14. Fir Tree

15. Tommy Rams

16. Balnaan Pool

17. Betsy´s Pool

18. Clury Pool

19. Daloupach

20. First Sands

21. Second Sands

22. Third Sands

23. Sluice

24. Broom Straight

25. Gravel Bend

26. Gallovie Pool

27. The March

28. Suspension

Association Permits

Permits to fish the association waters are available from Mortimers of Speyside, which is just 50m from our apartment

The link to their site is here